Londoner’s choice: Top 10 Cafés in London

‘Londoner’s choice’ is a spontaneous column by selected authors, who share a unique perspective towards culture, art and lifestyle about London.

Today’s column is about cafes in London. Let’s welcome today’s author– Dahye who grows up in London suburb and currently studies graphic design at UAL, in central London. Apart from being a full-time creative, she’s so addicted to coffee that she works part-time at one of the great cafes in London, Monocle Cafe. Let’s start the story and pick one of the cafes on the list as kickstarting your coffee soul.

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本期專欄為「倫敦私房咖啡館」,作者為出生倫敦郊區的 Dahye,目前於倫敦藝術大學 UAL 專攻平面設計。平日創作之餘,是一個熱愛咖啡到 Monocle Cafe 打工的咖啡成癮者,就讓我們開始本期專欄,並在讀後選一間咖啡列入你的最愛清單吧。

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