Who are the girls at the table? | Interview with a Cross-culture Performance Collective | Same Same Collective

Isabel Sun & Kai-Cheng Yu | Interview

‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ is a dark comedy about the struggle between inner desire and outer perfection under the gaze of the female character. Based on Yukio Mishima’s “The University of Chastity”, she contrasts the socialised image of gender with the absurd but real human need: appetite. She explores the boundaries of women’s behaviour in the public space. The co-creators come from three countries – England, India and Taiwan – and share their experiences across cultures to weave a common cross-cultural physical vocabulary, with performances ranging from dance, rituals, performance art and physical theatre to disrupt aesthetic norms and liberate repressed and raging desires.

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流浪城市漫無目的觀察 – 維多利亞時期手術劇院|Issue 02

Daphne Yeh | 展演在倫敦

Flâneur 一詞源自法文,意旨「閒逛者」、「散步者」或「漫遊者」。原先出自十九世紀法國文學中的一種人物典型,後從詩人布特萊爾 (Baudelaire) 的詩歌散文中到文學評論家班雅明 (Walter Benjamin) 對城市的描述,至今成為各種研究領域討論的切入點。漫遊者特別指因現代城市的興起,有著閒餘時間步行街頭,探索都市各個角落的人。他們是城市的流浪者、觀察者、審美家,也是城市中的一份子。以今天回顧當時文學中的漫遊者對城市的描述,似乎隨者他們漫遊的步伐與探索,帶著十九世紀的法國步入了現代 (modernity)。而今,生活在倫敦都市中的我們若穿上漫遊者的袍子,卻是能帶著我們追憶過去,發掘城市中潛移默化的人為歷史並呈現出都市生動的原生樣貌。

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