Who are the girls at the table? | Interview with a Cross-culture Performance Collective | Same Same Collective

Isabel Sun & Kai-Cheng Yu | Interview

‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ is a dark comedy about the struggle between inner desire and outer perfection under the gaze of the female character. Based on Yukio Mishima’s “The University of Chastity”, she contrasts the socialised image of gender with the absurd but real human need: appetite. She explores the boundaries of women’s behaviour in the public space. The co-creators come from three countries – England, India and Taiwan – and share their experiences across cultures to weave a common cross-cultural physical vocabulary, with performances ranging from dance, rituals, performance art and physical theatre to disrupt aesthetic norms and liberate repressed and raging desires.

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餐桌上的少女們,是誰? |專訪跨文化表演藝術團體|樣樣劇團 SameSame Collective

Isabel Sun & Kai-Cheng Yu | 展演在倫敦

《致美於死地而後吃 Drop Dead Gorgeous》是一場以女性角色出發,呈現在眾多眼光的凝視下,內心慾望與外在完美框架搏鬥的黑色喜劇。以三島由紀夫的《反貞女大學》為發想根基,對比社會化的性別形象與荒謬卻真實的人類基本需求——食慾,探索女性在公共空間中的行為標準界線。共同創作者來自英國、印度、台灣三個國家,在不同文化的經驗分享下編織出跨文化的共同肢體語彙,表演形式介於舞蹈、祭典儀式、表演藝術及肢體劇場,試圖將美學規範破壞殆盡,解放壓抑之下狂暴的慾望。

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